Who We Are


The Center for eXtraOrdinary Living was founded with you in mind. Throughout years of combined corporate experiences, the one request that always rung true was "I wish I could learn to do this at home"! Whether that be communicating with a spouse or child, finding their meaning and passion in life, or living a healthier lifestyle, every client wanted to improve their life. And that's what we are all about here at XO Living! Each of our coaches specializes in different areas of life and wellness coaching. They are always coming up with new programs and packages to support you in achieving your best life!

The XO Living Specialists

Dr. David Bouda David Bouda, MD, FACP – is passionate about supporting anyone who’s ready to take charge of his or her health and wellness.  His experienced and individual approach to each client brings the best possible outcomes when followed.  He will support you or someone you love on the journey to a healthier life.  He specializes in Medical Support for all who desire to lose weight, become stronger and healthier, extend their life expectancy (anti-aging) and live out their personal vision for their life.
JoAnn Bouda JoAnn Bouda, MM, PCC – is an Internationally Certified (ICF) Professional Life and Health Coach.  JoAnn has been coaching in the health field for over 10 years.  Her work with clients and healthcare workers is recognized in her field and she continues to grow her practice of Advancing Wellness and Extraordinary Living.  Our clients appreciate the coaching principles that provide life-changing tools to extend their healthier living for their entire lifetime.

Lisa Woodford, CSIC – is a certified professional life coach, learning styles consultant and educator who specializes in building quality relationships through Conversational Intelligence.  She navigates the complex world of neuroscience and strategic intervention to help students and professionals create meaningful connections, navigate difficult conversations and grow with others to produce effective change.  She prides herself in helping others become their best self.


Ryan Bouda, C-IQ – is a certified professional coach specializing in communication, relationships, and team building.  Ryan was an engineering and real estate professional for seven years before switching focuses to building the people inside the buildings.  He concentrates on improving relationships: personally and professionally.  We pride ourselves in continually creating new products across a variety of life's toughest topics.  We know we will have the right program for you.  Let us take you to your next level of greatness.