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Tots to Teens: eXtraOrdinary Parenting

eXtraOrdinary Parenting is a comprehensive, content-rich resource for parenting with purpose and finding joy along the way! 

This course is self-guided, practical and provides tools you can apply immediately to build the most connected and respected relationships possible! 

197.00 USD

Tweens, Teens & Young Adults: eXtraOrdinary Parenting

Convenient, Online Course that provides the tools and skills you need to become an eXtraOrdinary Parent of Tweens, Teens & Young Adults 

349.00 USD

16-Week Healthy Living Course

16 Week Educational Curriculum

47.99 USD

The Blueprint to Extraordinary Relationships

This teleseminar is all about learning to see someone through, what we call in coaching, the "Green Lens". With five easy guidelines, looking at a situation or person in a positive, trusting, and respectful way has never been more possible. In only 60 minutes, you will have the tools and skill sets necessary to completely change the way you view situations to produce the most extraordinary outcomes.

29.99 USD

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

In this 30-minute webinar, you will uncover your values and intentions, giving you the ability to develop and accomplish goals that are a reflection of what has meaning and relevance for you!

19.99 USD